Received a call for the harvesting at my friend’s vineyard of cabernet sauvignon in SLO County.

Started harvesting at 5:00 am.

These vines are 4 years old and just about coming to the maturity suitable for varietal wine. As the grower stopped watering prior to the harvesting, the clusters were clean and no rotten berries.

Brix were around 24-25 and seeds were nicely turned brown. Soft tannin.

As day had gone by, the fog was lifted and cleared up the sky, drying morning dews pretty quickly made harvesting easier.

Although with a dozen pickers, the harvest didn’t finish in 10 hours, it had to be left for tomorrow.


Diomede, Falaghina, Benevento, 2014 Campagna

Dark hay yellow, clear, no effervescent, medium plus viscosity

Dried citrus, honey suckle, candied lemon, melon rind, slight hint of dried hay on nose

Citrus, dried apricot, slight honey, soft and rounded mouth feel, rounded acidity, slight salinity, medium finish

Seafood dish, white meat, roasted vegetables would be nice pairing

Masut da Rive, Collio, Ribolla Gialla, 2014

Liquid gold color, clear, medium viscosity

Lemon, citrus fruit, apricot, white flower, melon, bruised apple, peach, slight cream, hint of white pepper on nose

Citrus, grapefruit, peach, white flower, well balanced and well rounded acidity, slight bitterness at the end, medium plus finish

Seafood pasta, creamy non-meat risotto, chicken dishes and soft to medium hard cheese (i.e. Pavie) would pari well with this one

April 2nd, 2017 bottled the wine started in 2015.

414 bottles filled.

First official vintage was born!


IMG_3267               IMG_3271

IMG_3273               IMG_3278

Maison F.E. Trimbach, Riesling, Alsace 2013

Light straw yellow, light viscosity, clear, no bubbles.

Lemon, petroleum, quince and tart pear on nose

Off dry, strong acidity, medium plus finish

Very tasty wine 12.5% ABV

Le Terrasses du Palat Condrieu, 2014

Golden yellow, clean, medium to heavy viscosity

Sweet peach, white flowers, apricot, candied citrus, grapefruit pith, slight lemon and oak on nose.

Strong acidity, bitterness, slight sweetness, oiliness and long finish



The cabernet sauvignon started in 2015 is just about culminating.

It will be bottled in March 2017.

70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot, , 10% Merlot, 6% Cabernet Franc and 4% Malbec.

Due to the extended barrel aging, it needed to have supplemental wine to top up with, ended up with Bordeaux blend.

The label √, tasting √, all the numbers √.

Cannot wait to pop the cork when it’s ready.

Allegrini, Palazzo della Torre, Veronese 2011
Dark purple red, medium to heavy viscosity
Berries, mineral (iron), violet, chocolate covered orange and red cherries on nose.
Slight coffee, red berries, mild and pleasant tannin, hint of sweetness, slight bitter aftertaste, firm but pleasant acidity, medium finish

70% corvina, 25% rondinella and sangiovese. Partially ripasso and went through second fermentation in January.

Koshu F.S.O. (Fermented On Skins)
Coco Farm & Winery, 2007 (Tochigi prefecture, Japan), late harvest.
Maceration with wild yeast.
Dark Amber color, heavy viscosity.
Dried plum, dried apricot, slight pineapple and hint of saw dust on nose.
Light citrus, brandy, savory than sweet and apricot after taste.
Short to medium finish. Very well balanced acidity.
It paired well with mildly flavored chicken dish and should pair well with wide variety of not too spicy Asian cuisines.

The winery has been operated with socially challenged youths.

It is mind blowing that Japanese wines are getting close to world standard. Very pleasant wine. Just like the people. Very soft and subtle but has a bold characteristics. Not chatty but has a strong message.

Aldegheri, valpolicella ripasso, Classico superiore 2013

Light red with orange hue
Raspberry, red berries, spices (nutmeg, cinnamon), saw dust, violet on nose.
Berry jam, marmalade, brisk bitterness, balanced acid, smooth tannin, soft sweetness with medium finish